Who we are

Corporate Connection works with strategic technology partners, together we bring a wealth of experience and expertise in business transformation. Throughout the past  45+ years, we have played an integral role driving and supporting vision and initiatives in Digital Transformation, for our group companies, our customers in Enterprises and Government Entities.

Since our establishment, we have helped many organizations achieved their business goals in maximizing their business benefits while managing cost, environmental and operational risks. Our consulting and professional services is the key to empower our customers with Digital Technologies and Solutions that scale business growth and efficiency.

As our name implies, we connect you with the right technologies and solutions, creating a deep collaboration in your business culture that involves people, process and technology. In Corporate Connection, we are sincere to work with you and your organization in achieving your business goals.

45+ years 


In providing cutting-edge technology and services to transform ideas to paper, and move papers to information, helping our customers stay focus in their core business.

Digital FIRST


We are fully committed in providing relevant technologies, solutions and our technical expertise to achieve our common goals in enabling a digital future.



Our team work with all levels of enterprises and government entities with wealth of experience to ensure projects objectives are met or exceeded.



We are convinced that only by acting with integrity and communicating in an honest and accountable way can create long-lasting partnerships of mutual trust and true significance.



We trust that the power of innovation and collaboration with customers, partners and each other is the best way to come up with game-changing ideas that provide ultimate benefits.



We constantly enable our people with relevant knowledge to ensure the best team is deployed helping our customers achieving their business goals in a dynamic and fast-paced digital future.