Business Innovation Solutions

Web Development

We aim to provide you with a Software Product that helps you in  Solving problem(s).

Our web development services Concentrate on delivering value that incorporates the digital engagement of our clients with their customers.

We are the preferred partner of NeoSOFT in providing Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) service to Our clients across the globe to effectively develop, maintain and run their mission-critical applications. It includes:

  • Custom Web Application
  • Development Service
  • Cloud Migration
  • Application Integration
  • Application Porting
  • Application Re-engineering / Migration (Lower Version to Higher Version)
  • Legacy Application Upgradation, Enhancement & Performance Tuning
  • Application Sustenance & Support

Mobile App Development

Corporate Connection is a Leading Mobile App Development Company that gets you ready for a ‘Mobile First’ journey

Corporate Connection is the Exclusive and preferred partner of NeoSOFT The top-rated iOS mobile app development company in India and the global market. We partner with enterprises to assess their mobile readiness and help them prepare themselves before they set out on their journey to being a ‘Mobile First’ organization.

First, we categorize the enterprise into Intermediate OR Expert Areas depending on the current state of mobility in the enterprise.

Secondly, we help in their transformation toward creating a "Mobile First" organization - step-by-step as follows.

  • Design Architecture, Select Right Technology Stack & Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • UX / UI Design Strategy
  • Middleware Development
  • Data Security Management
  • Device / App Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Team Augmentation

It is an outsourcing hiring strategy where a software company can get developers on contract. These developers help them accomplish their business goals by working remotely from their homes or workplace.

  • Access to larger talents.
  • Expansion and Adaptation
  • A permanent hiring process restricts a firm's ability to leverage the best talent available in the markets
  • Continuous nurturing
  • Cost-effectiveness. ...
  • Operational efficiency
  • Better control

Consulting Services

Corporate Connection is one of the leading organizations offering a variety of specialized cybersecurity solutions to help companies protect, prevent and recover from security incidents.

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