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By introducing innovative environmental technologies We will take steps to develop and promote innovative environmental technologies that will give increased value to our customers and can be utilized by various people.

Be attentive to product lifecycle to provide our products and services, we spare no effort to reduce environmental effects in all stages of the product lifecycle, from procurement, manufacturing, sale, and logistics, to usage, recycling, and disposal.

Contribute to society by participating in and supporting environmental conservation activities, we will contribute to creating a sustainable society.


Nashuatec is a leading provider of Total Document Solutions. A key sales brand of Ricoh Group, Nashuatec provides cutting-edge IT based hardware and software solutions for the document life cycle, combined with a range of Business and Professional Services, which includes world-class customer support and consultancy.

TCO & Green Consulting bring the following benefits for customers:

  • Customers understand what drives the cost of document production and their current situation
  • Green consulting provides visibility on the CO2 consumption and the opportunities for carbon emission reduction and savings
  • Customers obtain specific recommendations based on industry experience for achieving business control, cost reduction and higher efficiency
  • It represents a great opportunity for device consolidation, fleet automation and document management policy creation
  • Customers obtain a clear cost comparison and can make their decision based on ROI
  • Environmental improvements and savings can be linked to other green initiatives within the company
  • An opportunity to focus on career development, with support from both technical and leadership perspectives to ensure you can truly reach your full potential
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